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Creating a new website is always a golden opportunity to take a 360 degree, holistic view of your business, to identify what’s important both you and, crucially, to your customers. For me, this is where it starts and the exciting part is learning about you and your business. This is when we ask the big and sometimes awkward or challenging questions that, ultimately, will determine the outcome.

Together, we’ll analyse and refine your business proposition with the aim of designing a clear and compelling website: one that will quickly and clearly inform visitors, providing reasons for them to take that next step – towards becoming a customer.

Over 30 years in professional design practice I have worked with a huge range of business types, from medical science to special needs education, from advanced engineering to art and craft, from startups to government organisations. All of which means I am very well placed to:

• bring new perspective to what you do

• provide focus and clarity to your message

• challenge assumptions that may be holding you back

• offer workable and affordable ways to improve your online image

• support your business for now and for the long term

Your website is a highly distilled version of everything your business is. It is a subtle mix of image, language, information and pathways – get any of it wrong and, if you operate in a competitive market, well, there’s always other websites your customers can go to…

This is what I do – I’m ready, are you?

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